Fun Little Promotions

Mistress Sophie sees all / tells all

Fortune Telling
using Post Cards

Cost: $75 (+ tips) for an evening up to 3 hours.

Using either a regular or a kid-friendly deck) deck of POST CARDS (collected over many years)...
Your customer-guests can ask any questions and have their future revealed.

Backstory = I come from a long line of future tellers, but tradition dictated that the oldest daughter (Marcia) inherited the family Tarot Deck, so I have to make do with these stupid Post Cards.

They work pretty good though and they're way more fun -- and less serious.

I predict your event will be a big success!!!!

History: Has been done once at “What's on 2nd” -- a big hit.

And at the Fishing Rodeo and Avondale Park


Persona Remodel

Guests get to experience a different life reality for the evening.

Special first time Cost =
$75 (+ tips) for an evening up to 3 hours.

Future cost will be more.

Are you tired of people always seeing you the same ol' way?
Do you sometimes wish you were seen differently and therefore treated differently?
Is so, then you could use your very own personalized Persona Remodel.

Your customer-guests gets to answer 5 easy (but fun and thought-provoking) questions.

From the information that I did from their answers, I make a sign that I put around the neck of your customer-guest. Ideally, he/she won't look at it directly, but most people just can't resist.

The signs (in their choice of 5 colors) always start with: “Treat Me Like”, and some examples of the “Persona Remodels” I've done in the past are:

* Treat me like the cool older brother you wish you had had.
* Treat me like we're the last two people on Earth and you have to forgive me.
* Treat me like you actually really do see my value.
* Treat me like dirt.
* Treat me like an inventor of the taking requests.
* Treat me like your sweet grandmother.
* Treat me like someone you know you can completely trust, and tell me a secret.
* Treat me like a share my primitive powers with you and only you.

These are great conversation starters, great ice-breakers, and people love getting a customized sign that they can later hang on their walls.

NOTE: Can give a person 2 choices. Let him (or his friends) pick the one they like best.

History: Did this at Burning Man, Black Rock Desert, Nevada, 2007, Art in Avondale Park 2008 and at a downtown park art show 2008.

Price: includes the signs and the fastening devices.


Liar Liar Pants on Fire

Guests get to find out interesting facts about each other and test their lie-detecting abilities.

Special first time Cost =
$100 for an evening up to 3 hours.
(6-10 different panels)

Future cost will be more.

Inspired by “To Tell the Truth”

Everyone there (upon entry) writes down the most Interesting thing about themselves. Examples:

* I got married to my wife 10 days after meeting her, and we’ve celebrating 25 years together this month.
* I’ve been hit twice by lightening
* I spent $20,000 getting a college degree in Poetry
* I once killed a 500 pound grizzly bear with a bow and arrow
* My wife and I were born on exactly the same day
* My body has an extra-ordinary amount of electricity emanating from it.

Everyone has something amazing / interesting about themselves.

Then I put 3 people up there on a stage – the real one and 2 impostors.

Members of the audience can ask 10-20 questions of any of the panel.

For example, for the Grizzly Bear Story, someone might ask:
* How did you weigh the bear to know how much it weighed?
* Did you have it taxidermied and if so how much did it cost?
* What’s the next largest animal you’ve killed?
* Can you get something like that insured?

Then each customer-guest in the audience moves to be in front of whoever they think is telling the truth, and the truth teller stands up and says “Liar Liar” to the other two, and those two liars say “pants on fire”.

All the customer-guests that guess the correct one get a small prize.

This can be repeated many times thoughtout the evening, with different panels.

NOTE: Make sure when we're getting the fact from peope that it's not something obvious. For example: “I'm 7 feet tall” or “I was born without fingers” would not work, because the imposters would not be convincing.

Also see Come Out And Play Game Shows -- a full night of Game Shows (based on the Classics) -- this is NOT a Quiz Show.

Liar Liar Pants on Fire --
Which of these guys spent 3 days in the desert without water???
Whats YOUR amazing story / unique quality?

1% Art

Collectively, guests create a mural.

Special first time Cost =
$100 for set-up, explaining to guests and coordinating
$75 for materials if using tiles.

Future cost will be more.

Business provides me a photo – can be anything you like – famous, topical, a snap shot (chosen from many that customer submitted earlier), the front of your business, yourself, your favorite product, your product in an unusual environment.

I place a labeled graph on the back of the photo and cut it up into 100 smaller squares.

Each customer-guest is given one of these smaller square and he/she draws or colors or paints, and then puts in on the wall.


Can be black-and-white or full color

Can be famous person or something famous.

There can be competition this way: 2 people a time randomly chosen to put up (or draw) their square. The 1st one of those to buzz in gets a guess as to who it is.


1% painting – Visitors together recreate an art work which then becomes part of the floor.

    • Place a grid on the back of a photo of an art work, cut it up into 100 pieces as per the grid

    • Each Visitor randomly selects a square and reproduces it onto a 1-foot square tile (under $1 at Home Depot).

These are set aside to dry and later becomes part of the 10 foot by 10 foot flooring in the center of the gallery.

Please contact me (Lisa) at 205-836-5247 or email me
to book one of the Fun Little Promotions described above
or to brainstorm other ideas.